Lao Huang

Yesterday his condition was about the same as the day before. I syringe-fed him liver and chicken broth.

Today A had him transferred to ICU because it is quieter there. He looked better to me…moved around a little and tried to scratch his ear. I gave him a good scratch… and also had his long front claws clipped.
His glucose level and urine is now more normal and no more ketones…but there is bad news. They did an ultrasound test and found that he has chronic pancreatitis…and also some liver problems. The vet explained that they can’t give him any food now – to let the pancreas heal…but this will worsen the liver. Implanting a feeding tube to bypass the pancreas is not possible because of his weak condition…he wouldn’t be able to take the anesthetic.

After hearing this I feel there is too much suffering and too little hope and perhaps we should let him go…but this is for A to decide.

Lao Huang is a very special cat, a gentle giant…I will try to get a second opinion tomorrow

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  1. meowies, I still hope that Lao Huang will recover soon… whatever A’s decision, will pray for Lao Huang so that he won’t have to suffer so much.

  2. Thanks Eslina. I asked Dr. Tan Hua Luck for second opinion…he says there is no hope. A will consult Dr. Oh Soon Hock tomorrow to see if herbs or accupuncture can help Lau Huang.

  3. Sad… he’s such a good cat… still remember he used to protect Blackie when she’s eating. Hope Dr. Oh can do something. Meanwhile, I think your liver and chicken broth will do him good as it’ll give him some energy to recover perhaps… as you know, sometimes miracle can happen. Will send metta to him

  4. Will send lots of metta to Lao Huang and all the people who care for him. There is still a positive aspect of this “sad” event in that his consciousness will be jam-packed with so much good imprints of kindness that he has no choice but to be a very very good and kind sentient being in future.

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