Please help take in my two cats!

The two Malay girls knocked at my door again. This time they asked me to take in their own two cats, as their father would throw them out by tomorrow because of the new baby in the house.

I went over to talk to their elder sister (the mother of the baby). She loves the cats, too, and is willing to take them with her when she moves to her new home in about 3 months time. She told me of her other sister who keeps 8 cats and now faces problems because of a neighbour’s complaint. I suggested to board the cats at a private cattery for those few months…but seems they also have financial problems. The two cats, one year old males, look healthy and well taken care of but have not been sterilized.

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  1. Hope the sister’s 8 cats are sterilised but i think likely not 😦

  2. I did ask…she said they were sterilised. I don’t mind helping them to get the 2 cats sterilised…they really seem to have financial difficulties…the children mentioned that their phone line has been cut.

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