A police report was made…

…after it was clear that they had no intention of letting me see Shadow.

They kept me waiting all Sunday. The hp was switched off in the morning then sms in the afternoon that the cat was sleeping now and I could see him later when they bring him to the park for a walk…no reply when I asked for the time and place. Later the fiancée called, saying he had spent much money to place advertisements and that many people had called to claim the cat was theirs.

Shadow has already been abandoned once, the previous owners left him behind when moving house…why should he have to go through this again…and what if they can’t find an adopter when they migrate…his territory may have been taken over by that time and the other 3 cats at *02 area 2 may not accept him back. Just hope that he is well and will be returned soon.

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0 responses to “A police report was made…

  1. Gosh !! Watz wrong with these people ??!

  2. Muddy (a big fighter, not yet sterilised) has already started to hang around the newly vacated territory.

  3. Oh no ! :(Anyway , haven’t seen Rocky around lately .

  4. Just saw him…he is ok.

  5. Hehehe !! Ya ! Juz saw him tis morning also . 😀

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