Update on Shadow

Finally received an sms today:

“Had to be out of town urgently and had just reached S’pore. My hp battery is flat!

Brownie is save and well fed in my fiancée’s place ever since he was found.

Me and my fiancée are cat lovers. We are trying to find adoptee through cat welfare society before we migrate to Melbourne late next year. We have 4 cats currently.
Brownie has his own space in my fiancée’s house living room. I have checked him and no injuries. We have decided to take care of him since he has no owner. Don’t worry ok??

When I insisted to see for myself…she agreed to meet me tomorrow but still did not reveal her address and expressed disappointment at my lack of trust.

I did not question her further…but if I understand correctly she is planning to migrate without her 4 cats and Shadow.

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