Very strange…

I received a call yesterday, someone had seen my poster and remembered an advertisement in the Chinese papers Lianhe Wan Bao (more than one week ago) about a Siamese cat. She gave me the number of that person.

When I called and described the cat, the lady was very certain that the cat she found is Shadow. She said that he is a good boy, very friendly and goes to the toilet to do his business.

She explained that after feeding him he followed her home and she took him in ( somewhere in the *20 area…she was vague and later said that this was not actually her place).

When I asked her whether she would like to adopt him, she said that she could not as she has already 4 cats at home.

I suggested that we meet up when she releases him…just to make sure that it is really Shadow.

She said that she would call me after work…but didn’t. I called her several times between 9.30 and 10.30pm while I was feeding the cats in the area. At first the calls were not picked up then the hp was switched off and still remains switched off today. I have also sent an sms…

I really don’t know what to make of this…do the people want to keep the cat but think I may want to charge an adoption fee… did they loose him or release him somewhere else…or did she loose her hp…but then she could obtain my number form one of the posters???

I will make a police report if there is no reply by tomorrow and also put up posters at blk *20 to *29 tonight.

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  1. I can understand your frustration. Is there a way to track the home address of the phone number so that a home visit can be made to retrieve back Shadow? Hopefully the police can do this.

  2. Yes, can be tracked. Lianhe Wan Bao have her details but they can only reveal if a police report is made.

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