Found Patchy while looking for Stitches

Released Black Boy today and on the way back I looked for Stitches. A couple approached me to tell me about a cat on the 8th floor of blk *11area 2 causing them problems by defecating at the corridor. They said that the cat looks pregnant. I followed them up and as I had hoped after they described the cat…there was a well-fed Patchy. I explained to the couple about the tipped ears and that this cat has been sterilized. Also gave them my number and said that I would talk to the people who feed Patchy outside their door (they were not in at that time)…and advised them to sprinkle crushed moth balls around their flower pots.

Carried Patchy down and gave her some food but she looked frightened and ran up the stairs again. I can only hope to persuade the family to take her in.

Still no sight of Stitches…

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