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Update on The Bad Estate

I called one of the feeders today, she is not helpful at all… she doesn’t have the contact of the Indian feeder and says that she has already her hands full with the 10 cats at her block, which are all sterilized according to her.

Have been looking out for the Indian feeder who leaves 6 to 9 paper plates at the void deck of 638 every night, with plenty of left-over food in them…but only managed to talk to the Chinese man in singlet. One day at about 9pm, I saw him feeding bread to the cats. on the void deck of blk 638. He said that he didn’t speak English, but he understood very well what I was saying and motioned to me that he would pick it up and put it back into the plastic bag. When I passed by again at midnight the bread (several slices torn up into smaller pieces) was still there!

I will try to get these cats sterilized if I can get the feeders to clean up their mess. Hope Sylvia can talk to the Chinese man. The helpful resident said he would look out for the Indian man and call me when he sees him.

Seems now there are only 6 instead of 8 cats around… with one young ginger pregnant.

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Buddha, Gandhi and Hitler…

Went with my German friend to this vegetarian restaurant in Serangoon Road.

Nice place, good food but when we looked at the first page of the menu our jaws dropped…

There was a write-up on vegetarianism mentioning Buddha, Gandhi and Hitler as examples of great leaders who were vegetarians.

We told the staff that we were taken aback at the mention of Buddha, Gandhi and Hitler in one sentence and also that Hitler was not even a vegetarian.


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The Old Mendicant

From The Red Queen’s blog:

The Old Mendicant

Being rock, being gas, being mist, being mind,

being the mesons traveling among the galaxies at the speed of light,

You have come here, my beloved one

and your eyes shine so beautifully and deep.

You have taken the path traced for you from the non-beginning and the never-ending.

You say that on your way here, you have gone through millions of births and deaths.

Innumerable times you have been transformed into fire storms in outer space.

You have used your own body to measure the age of mountains and rivers,

You have manifested yourself as trees, grass, butterflies, single celled beings and as chrysanthemums,

But the eyes with which you look at me this morning tell me that you have never died.

Your smile invites me into the game whose beginning no-one knows, the game of hide and seek

Oh green caterpillar, you are solemnly using your body

to measure the length of the rose branch that grew last summer.

Everyone says that you, my beloved, were just born this spring…

Tell me, how long have you been around?

Why wait until this moment to reveal yourself to me,

carrying with you that smile which is so silent and so deep.

Oh caterpillar
, suns, moons, and stars flow out each time you exhale,

Who knows that the infinitely large must be found in your tiny body.

Upon each one point of your body, thousands of Buddha-fields have been established.

With each stretch of your body, you measure time from the non-beginning to the never-ending.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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Yawny-Dawny & Snoozing Orange Boy

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Doppelganger to be sterilized

Doppelganger will be sterilized tomorrow. He appeared at blk *24 area 2 shortly after Max disappeared. His marking and size are quite similar to that of Max.

Met an acquaintance staying at *11 today. She told me that she did not see Patchy for over a week. I didn’t realize Patchy was lost because she rarely comes for feeding. Last time I saw her she wanted to take the lift up at *11. This acquaintance also told me that Patchy had given birth at a neighbours flat before.

I call this *10/*20 area the Bermuda Triangle…perhaps I should stop sterilizing there.

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Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower

I almost didn’t notice her

A single flower in full bloom

Oddly facing me instead of the sun

Did she want to be seen before her life started fading away

She made me smile as I admired her beauty

Each petal soft and silky…like the wings of a butterfly

Swirls of colour… bright pink, orange, yellow

She is fading now…impermanence is her nature…our nature

I thank the flower for nourishing me

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From Dawn’s blog:


Bad news – two caregivers in a Town Council received information (one from a TC officer and one from a notice on the notice board) that the TC may be starting to trap cats, even the sterilised ones. This is quite strange as the TC had been working with the resident caregivers for quite a while. It may have something to do with the change in MPs and the reshuffling of officers last year post-elections.

The caregivers want to meet up to discuss this so we’re trying to organise a room now. Of course the TC will need to be spoken to after that if the caregivers wish to pursue the matter (which I am quite sure they will want to do).

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