Another bird gets killed…

A few days ago, as I was sitting at the computer next to the window, I saw a mynah bird being thrown onto my air-con with great force…then the dead bird landed in the drain below.

I was furious at my upstairs neighbours and went up to speak to them after calming down a little. I told them that this time I am going to make a complaint if they don’t get their air-con fixed…and I will do so the next time I see that air-con switched on!

I had spoken to this neighbour many months back about that huge hole at the bottom of their air-con unit. Birds will enter and build their nest, which is great entertainment for my cats, but then the moving blade hits them. That time it was an oriole…the carcass was stuck and kept turning around. I did not dare to open my window for a long time, as the water from that unit would always drop onto my unit and splash into my room…

I told all this to my neighbour and was very patient hoping they would take action…but nothing was done…


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5 responses to “Another bird gets killed…

  1. Lay the dead bird in a coffin and put it at their doorstep. Put some joss paper and joss stick there. That will scare them off!

  2. Haha…must get some green joss sticks 😉

  3. Was told that those are the ones used when calling the spirits of the dead.

  4. Oh really ??! Hahaha !! I didn’t know tat . 😀 Ya ya ! Use BIG green ones . Muahahaha !!

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