Update on Another Survey

Another Survey http://meowies.multiply.com/journal/item/306

Sylvia saw the MP today and this is what she told me:

Seems like the MP was the one who ordered the survey after she encountered complaints from residents. She sees this as a fair method… If there is a complaint about “wild cats loitering at the void deck? she will order a survey and have the cats removed if the majority agrees… even if only one person responds to the survey! Though the MP tried to assure Sylvia that the residents would usually vote against removing the cats.

So the cats may be killed and all our work undone at the whim of one resident…I am kind of speechless!

Our agreement with Town Council seems to be off…the CWS posters have been removed from RC notice boards…

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One response to “Update on Another Survey

  1. Please have the caregivers write to this MP. It seems that these “young” MPs are overly eager to please the residents, especially the “majority”. In the email to the MP, please cc to the rest of the MPs and indicate that for a survey to be “fair”,it must be fairly presented with options other than killing, be made known to voters.

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