Tosh was fighting with Baby

Met a next block neighbour at the vet three days ago as I was picking up Doppelgaenger.

She has been feeding 2 kittens outside her door, Toby & Tosh…who were trapped (with some difficulty) and sterilized about a year ago.

Now Tosh, a Siamese mix, was in the carrier waiting to see the vet. Seems our Baby who migrated from 723 to 728 after Rocky moved in and attacked him several times, is now terrorizing Toby & Tosh.

Tosh has a lump at his belly, an infected wound inflicted by Baby, and high fever and was put on antibiotics. I came over 3 times to try and help them pill the cat. The first time he may have swallowed the pill before running off. The second and third time he escaped before I could give him the medication even though they had wrapped him in a towel. The vet suggested that they bring the cat over every day with no charge…hope they will do that. He seems better now and is eating well. He certainly can run and jump again…

When I left, Baby was outside the door growling at the other cat who was trying to hide in the shoe rack. What a big bully our Baby has become…

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