New photos of Sophia at the cattery


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7 responses to “New photos of Sophia at the cattery

  1. She’s beautiful. May I know how old is she?

  2. At about 8 or 9 years old, Sophia is a senior cat. She still does not mix with the other cats at the cattery, will hiss and growl if any of the other friendly cats comes too close. Sophia just wants a good home and some human companionship.

  3. She looks much thinner since the last time I saw her at your house. Is she eating well?

  4. She is a fussy eater… but according to Phyllis she is eating well now (has her special supply of Fancy Feast) and is walking around in the day time. Plan to visit her again soon, want to come along? Strange thing…her once bushy tail has slowly changed to a normal short-hair tail.

  5. I was told Sophia is a fussy eater and lots of patience and perseverance needed to serve her royal highness. I think the angle at which the photos were taken makes her looks a bit odd. She looks pretty ok to me “live”.

  6. Oops! My royal princess, that’s what I used to call one of my dogs named Lady Jane whose eating habit is just like Sophia. I can only visit her anytime AFTER next week, let me know. Just fyi(Helga), now is 3am and from my study room, I can hear cats fighting at 724. Hopefully, not Rocky beating up Silver or Ginne again.

  7. Saw a new black-and-white cat at our second floor at around 1am…Rocky must have seen him, too.

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