Little Hazel has been sterilized yesterday. She is the now about 5 months old kitten of the untrappable Sandy. She is shy, just like the mother, but was easily trapped. Hazel is a very sweet girl.

Meanwhile 2 pregnant mothers have been left to give birth…. sigh!

One is from area 2. The Auntie kept telling me about this new pregnant cat but I only saw her and started feeding her about 2 weeks ago. Now she has already given birth.

The other one is at Sylvia’s area and due to give birth any time now.

The little Jade, who bit me so badly, is now very friendly, she can be stroked and held and she keeps following me. I alway wonder if that little kink right at the end of the tail was there before it was caught in the window.

Photos: Hazel


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3 responses to “Hazel

  1. Hazel resembles one of R’s cat, named Good2. Has a good nature too as her name can tell.

  2. A potential adopter will be coming on Saturday, looking for a companion for his 4 months old kitten. I will show him Genie, Silver and Hazel.

  3. I think there is a folk story that the kinks in our local cats were due to being entrusted with the rings of princesses when they bathed in the (then unpolluted) streams. Jade’s tail kink was courtesy of your window 🙂 cute

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