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Update on chocolate

Chocolate has an enlarged bladder a slight temperature and is also a little dehydrated…maybe there is a blockage. He was hospitalized for observation. The vet estimated Chocolate to be about 4 or 5 years old.

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Chocolate is not eating…

Chocolate has been adopted by the mamak shop, where Patches used to be before she was cat-napped. They call him Jumpok. He has not been eating for several days, except for a little bit of chicken breast yesterday. I did force-feed him with nutri-gel and chicken soup, but it’s very difficult…he struggles and I am not feeling very brave.
Brought him in today to observe and check for any wound…but he doesn’t like to be confined. I don’t think I can touch him now…will probably have to bring him to the vet tomorrow.

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Forced to put on the coat of Dr Death


Forced to put on the coat of Dr Death

As sole welfare body, rigid Government policies give SPCA no choice but to euthanase strays

Wednesday • January 24, 2007

Letter from Deirdre Moss
Executive Officer
Society for the Prevention of to Animals (SPCA)

I REFER to the letter “Killing strays is not an act of kindness (Jan 19)” by Fiona Yuen. Reference was made to how the SPCA should learn from Albuquerque’s Mayor Martin Chavez and the Canadian authorities, who are working towards ending euthanasia.

The SPCA wholeheartedly supports the idea of not having to euthanase stray animals or abandoned pets. No one would wish that more than our society, which has the dreaded task of dealing with half of Singapore’s annual unwanted animal population, of which more than 50 per cent are strays.

Being the only animal welfare organisation that has a shelter taking in 900 animals monthly — Singapore, unlike countries such as Canada, has no alternative shelters or private organisations taking in masses of strays or unwanted pets — euthanasia has become a necessity.

As long as there are strays proliferating on the streets without a mass sterilisation programme, and as long as there is no restriction on the commercial breeding and sale of pets (SPCA animals are having to compete for homes with the masses of pets on sale), the problem of having to put down surplus animals is going to be with us.

Restrictions on the keeping of cats and medium-sized dogs in Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats is another obstacle to our goal of euthanasing fewer animals. For years, the SPCA has been lobbying the authorities to change the HDB’s policies to accommodate more pets, so that the surplus population of strays can be reduced.

Since 1991, the SPCA has had a voucher programme for the sterilisation of stray cats at participating veterinary practices, which enables stray caretakers to sterilise a stray and put it back at its original location, with SPCA footing the bill; $4,800 is channelled to this project monthly, translating to 140 free vouchers each month.

Without the Government’s cooperation, animal welfare organisations cannot hope to make a reasonable dent in the stray population because sterilisation on a large scale must be carried out across the island.

The SPCA has been writing to the authorities and asking members and friends to request that the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Programme — halted during the Sars outbreak — be reinstated.

The SPCA agrees that euthanasia does not get to the root cause of the problem, which is that too many animals are being born or imported. Our website,, and our staff also inform those considering bringing a stray or unwanted pet to our premises to please exhaust all other possibilities first.

If owners shoulder the responsibility of finding a home for their unwanted pets, and if those who find stray animals do the same, the SPCA statistics of putting down animals would drop dramatically from its present rate of 82 per cent.

For now, the SPCA must continue to shoulder the burden of putting excess animals to sleep — the alternative being to turn people with unwanted animals away.

This notion has been deliberated on over the years, but most of our members baulk at turning animals away, as this would result in many being dumped back on the street where they may suffer a fate worse than death.

The SPCA sincerely hopes the Government is listening to all pleas to institute a mass programme for the sterilisation of strays, in addition to being more flexible in its HDB policies on pets, so culling and euthanasing can become a thing of the past.

Only with proactive and more humane approaches plus organisations and individuals working together, can we hope to become a truly compassionate society.

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Lady Jane to be sterilized

Photos: Jade & Lady Jane

Jasper went to his new home today.

Caught Jasper’s mother “Lady Jane? to be sterilized tomorrow. She looks just like Jasper.

Have released Stitches although his eczema has still not fully healed…I am worried that he may loose his territory if kept away for too long.

Jade is still with me…until I can manage to get her into the carrier. I left a different carrier with her in the big cage. Jade is still very scared but luckily she is eating well so no hurry to release her.

Genie was released back yesterday, but I hold on to Silver for a while. Mohan noticed that one of her hind legs is still a little weak.

Sophia is also still with me.

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Joy turns to sorrow…

…it was indeed very short-lived.

Bad news from Genie & Silver’s adopter.

Yesterday’s update –

Hi Helga,
Thought you’ll appreciate some updates. Genie settled in beautifully.
She ate half a packet of Nutro wet food and she has been following me
around a lot. She comes when called and ate some pau which my daughter
dropped on the floor accidentally. She seems to like pau :). Silver is
a little bit suspicious and does not like my girl near her. Will hiss
and spit if she comes near and generally avoids her. She is okay with
me though. Maybe she had a bad experience with kids. They have been
grooming and grooming the whole time.

Well, that’s all for now really :). It’s only been a couple of hours.


Hi Helga,
It’s looking a lot like Silver is going to be my husband’s cat. She
really takes to him :). Yeah, she’s still gentle, just scared. Thanks
for doing the wonderful work of feeding the strays etc.
Warmest regards.

Today’s update –

Dearest Helga,
I may have to give Silver and Genie up again.

My mother-in-law, who comes to our home in the weekends to stay is
terrified of cats. She did not tell us earlier even though she knew
about it. Now that the cats are really here, she has made it quite
clear she wants them to go. Both my husband and I are upset and it is
our home but she has been crying and making a big fuss, like emotional
blackmail. I don’t know why she bothers, she is never there anyway.

I will keep them until I find owners for them. Pls let me know if you
know people who want to adopt cats. So, if you see them posted on the
Cat Welfare site again, you know what is happening.

I may try to keep them at my mother’s home though. I have grown quite
attached to Genie and will be really sorry to let her go. I’ll update
you okay?

Warmest regards

I asked J to return Silver & Genie if they can’t keep them


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Cat escape

Am I glad this day is over!!!

It all started when I wanted to cleen the poo from the carrier before bringing Jade to the vet. Jade escaped and went into the bath tub..slipped and got more frightened and jumped up to the window, which was partially open.she sat between the window and grill pushing the window open. I managed to hold on to the tip of the handle but couldn’t close it as the cat was in the way. So I just held on while the terrified cat cept clawing and biting my hands…there was no towel within reach and I couldn’t let go. Finally relief came when my daughter broke the lock of the bathroom door and passed me some towels for protection.

I managed to push Jade enough to close the window except for a little gap. A while later, to my horror I saw the tip of her tail from the outside of the window. I quickly went in again to release it. I was really badly shaken by the whole ordeal. I cleared all items from the bathroom and put some food near the cage…but she wouldn’t come down. I was also worried that she would escape from the bathroom and removed all the cats and closed all doors and windows.

I was at my wits end and called Mohan…who came to the rescue. He managed to grab the cat by the neck, pull her out and drop her into the carrier. By that time it was already 12 noon but I still rushed her to the vet, Mohan gave me a lift. He had also managed to feel Jade’s tail and found that it was not broken. From the vet I went straight to SPCA for balloting and then had a sort of break-down.

Later J came over to collect Silver and Genie. My daughter collected Jade from the vet and she seems alright and even ate a little dry food. Sylvia and the Auntie took over some of my feeding and my daughter did the area 1. So I only had to feed the area 2 (with rubber gloves to protect my wounds). My right hand is quite swollen…Mohan gave me some Jamaican Healing Oil to apply.


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Photo: Jade

Jade is Jasper & Louis’s friend and she is also about the same age. All 3 are from block *09 area 2. Jade is a pretty tortoise-shell with straight long tail. She will be sterilized tomorrow.

I was actually looking for Jasper’s mother ‘Lady Jane’ but couldn’t find her, maybe I was too early…so I took Jade first.

The ‘untrappable’ Sandy has not been around for a while but then I suddenly saw her today. She seemed hungry for once…but lost all interest in the food when she saw the trap…sigh! I have not seen her 2 kittens for a long time.

My daughter found a calico girl of about Genie’s age on the 3rd floor staircase today. We gave her some food downstairs. Probably a new abandonee…

I have not seen Max for more than a week. Have searched the area many times and of course called AVA and TC. Maybe he went back to his home after being sterilized and having lost interest in the female cat at *24 area 2. There is now a new cat there, who looks almost exactly like Max…I call him ‘Doppelganger’.

There is also another new abandonee at area 2 (I really hate this time of the year…whenever humans celebrate other species have to suffer and die…) Golden Lion is a pale-ginger longhair cat. A little shy but I managed to stroke him during feeding yesterday. He is handsome boy…hope to get him adopted after sterilization.

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