Silver is recovering

Silver is much better now…looks like she will make a full recovery soon. I wonder what happened to her…did someone kick or hit her or was she knocked by a car? All she wants is to follow someone home…

Sophia is still with me waiting for sunny days to come.

Stitches’ eczema has spread to the whole cheek area…it’s all covered with black stuff. Seems the cleaning and cream just made it worse. I was considering using spot-on but then the rest of his fur looks healthy and clean…no flea dirt. So I guess it can’t be a flea allergy.

Orange Boy is still sneezing and breathing noisily…licking and rubbing his nose.


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2 responses to “Silver is recovering

  1. Sometimes too much antibiotic cream can give rise to opportunistic infection such as pseudomonas infection (like dark coloured discharge). Also avoid antiseptic cleaning solutions such as chlorhexidine that also cleans away the good protective bacteria of the skin.Just use boiled water to dab the skin. Try something gentle like Aloe Vera gel.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Vegan! Guess me trying to rub off the black stuff didn’t help…I am applying fresh aloe vera gel now and also adding a little vit. E, C and cod liver oil to his food to help the skin heal.

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