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Another fruitless trapping attempt…ending with taking Twiggy instead. Today will be my last chance of getting Judy for tomorrow’s slot.

Twiggy is a shy and skinny newcomer at *28 Area 1 and she was on heat. I used to think poor cat…more risk…slower recovery. Now I just think ‘Oh good…I caught her just in time’.

Twiggy refused to come out of the carrier so I placed the open carrier in one of the big cages. She will come out to eat and do her business…so I am not worried.


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Two more cats killed by cars

The cleaners at the blk *05 area 2 bin center told me that the big and very nice cat was hit by a car and had died. First I thought that it was Shadow who didn’t turn up that day…then I realized that it must be the ginger cat who belonged to a resident of *02. He frequently joined Shredder and Shadow at feeding time.

Another cat was killed today at the SPC petrol station quite near to blk *52 where Anna feeds. Mohan went there and called me in case it was one of the feeders’ cats. The big black cat with white paws used to sleep under the cars there. Sylvia thinks it could be one of Anna’s cats…

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Genie & Silver


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New photo of Orange Boy

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November 22, 2006 · 6:36 am

Fury had an infection of the uterus

Tried 2 more times to trap the pregnant Judy then Mohan tried to net her…but she wouldn’t even let him get near her. So we went to *18 area 2 to catch Pearl. When we saw the 5 paper plates with leftover wet food on the floor and no cats in sight we gave up and went for my 3rd choice, the pregnant looking cat at *78 (sister of Garfie’s mother Gaby) Like Garfie’s father Garfield, she had also moved to the nearby condo, but now she is back at blk *78 for feeding.

The Auntie told me later that Pearl had already given birth “tummy small already?…but I have my doubts because she didn’t really look pregnant to me.

Anyway, won’t catch her now until we are sure…

The *78 cat (named her Fury) took her own sweet time to enter the trap…and when she was finally fully inside…the trap door didn’t close. Lucky she went in a second time later on and finally the door closed.

Big Head was also there, his leg swollen and the wound open again…and I didn’t have the powder with me. I was tempted to take him in as Mohan could stroke him while he was eating and I had the carrier with me…but where would I keep him? Plan to take him in next week (after some of the other cats have been released) to let the wound heal and then have him sterilized next month.

It turned out that Fury wasn’t pregnant. Her belly was swollen because of an infection of the uterus. Lucky cat…to have it removed in time…

Knowing that she is Gaby’s sister I expected her to be difficult…but she is much worse…even Dirty Harry was a pussycat compared to her.

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A beautiful world…

Relax, smile and enjoy the pictures…

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Silver and Patchy sterilized

Silver is a new abandonee, very skinny, very shy. She was always hiding at the bin center (next to *29 area 1) and would only come out to eat after all the others had finished. The place is quite dark and I never realized what a pretty silver-tabby she was.

That night I was out to trap a pregnant Judy…but no luck…then suddenly there was a hungry Silver very eager to enter the trap…

Silver is a young and very affectionate cat. I have let her out on the balcony together with Genie, the two seem to get along.

Patchy, the pregnant calico from *11 Area 2, was drowsy for quite a while but she seems all right now and is eating.

I am now really considering using tranquilizers as a last resort for Judy and Pearl…we just can’t have another batch of kittens in these areas. Mohan said that there was some risk that the drowsy cat would manage to hide somewhere….but what other option is there?

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