Panther and Beany found but Lucky missing for 2 days…

…Anna’s sick Ginger is also missing.

Found Panther yesterday. As I suspected, he kept away because of that new Siamese.

I had not seen Beany for 4 days but wasn’t worried (until today) as he goes missing quite often. He has a big territory (including Blk *10). I finally found him safe and well at *09 Area 2.

Then I went on to *52 Area 3 to look for the sick Ginger and meet Anna and Sylvia. When I looked at the place where he used to sleep, I saw the remains of the 4 bicycles, a blackened wall and the floor covered with ashes…trying to stop myself from imagining the worst.

Anna seems not to care much about the cat. When I suggested that we look for him and bring him to the vet, she replied ‘what for? He is old already…let him die’.

There used to be 6 or 7 cats at *52 now there are only 2 left (broken-leg Clover and another Ginger). Anna beliefs that TC has removed them…though they didn’t turn up at AVA.

Then Sylvia and me went to *78 to look for Lucky, who didn’t turn up for feeding yesterday…

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