Sometimes it all seems so hopeless…

new abandonees, pregnant cats, kittens… everywhere. How is TNRM ever going to work?

Most of these new cats do not come back for a second or third feeding…probably wandering around looking for food somewhere. Those who stay to be sterilized will add to the population of community cats. Some old male cats who are not regulars never get a chance to be sterilized because the new females always come first.

There is this calico at *14 area 2 who was highly pregnant when I first saw her. She disappeared for several months and has now come back…pregnant again. I will get her done this time. Hope Mohan can net Pearl …she is probably also pregnant again.


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4 responses to “Sometimes it all seems so hopeless…

  1. Ermmm , wat is TNRM ? :p

  2. You are not alone in the feeling of despair at times :)Like being in a beginner meditation, we have to learn to “let go” the past and “let go” worries of the future (that usually end up different from what we expect). There will be no end to troubles in this “matrix”But there are moments of joy to be “enjoyed” when we see the tipped-ears happily grooming themselves in the sunlight.

  3. TNRM = Trap-Neuter-Return -Manage…which is supposed to control and in time reduce the community cat population.You are right Vegan… and I am trying to do that 🙂 …and I know there are many people who do feel the pain and suffering of the strays.

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