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Hope fading for Orange Boy’s recovery

Orange Boy is unable to pass urine. Yesterday the vet showed me how to do the bladder expression, however I did not manage to do it properly and had to return again today. He also needed an enema.

The first vet felt that there was small chance for recovery, as the x-ray did not show any fracture of the spine. However the other vet suggested euthanasia, as chances of recovery were so small that it would be a miracle.

I decided to wait at least 5 days…

Orange Boy is playful and eating well and seems not to be in pain.

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Injured Orange Boy found after 5 days…

The Lady working at the coffee shop called yesterday to tell me that she saw Orange Boy. He was limping and did not want to eat.

I searched for him and finally found him curled up behind a pipe. He walks with difficulty (back legs)… maybe spine and internal organs injured…

He was dehydrated but drank some water and ate some soft food and I have also been giving him nutri gel and liquid food. Will bring him to the vet tomorrow morning…


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Fern died yesterday

She was probably also hit by a car. Sylvia found the body on a grass patch at the side of the road next to blk *32 area 3 .

So many cats gone… Sally, Gaby…also not much hope for Orange Boy…

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Orange Boy missing

Orange Boy has been missing for 3 days now. Heard from the Lady working at coffee shop that he was limping and not well. Maybe he was hit by a car as he always crosses the busy road between the coffee shop and multi-story car park

Searched for him again last night but to no avail…

Will look for him again tonight, have been sending metta….

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Cats keep the rat population in check

A neighbour mentioned that there should be more cats around. He had seen rats and they even gnawed through some of the wires in his car. Maybe he should complain to the Town Council that there are not enough cats around 😉 Community Cats, like Rocky, are doing a good job. Just today I received another non-vegan present from Rocky…. Well, it’s the thought that counts 😉 Even our One-Eye Ginger is still a good mouser!

Photo: Ginger aka One-Eye Jack

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Update on Manja, Stitches and Sophia

Manja’s wound looks much better now. Hope that Az and Sylvia can find the attacker and will manage to chase him away before Manja is released back. They have seen a new cat there…

Stitches is terrified of the grey -and-white male at *14 area 3 and will stay away from that place. Nowadays I find him at blk *11/*10. He must have been in another fight as his cheek wound was bleeding again.

Sophia is becoming less shy and has started walking around in the open space. Sylvia and myself always give her a treat of a can of Fancy Feast, which she likes very much. Hope she will put on some weight soon…

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Manja lost again and found again…

Last seen by Sylvia more than a week ago at about 11pm. He seemed not well… walked very slowly. We searched for him and put up posters. Az said she would pray that Manja be given back to us.

Yesterday received a call from Az that she had found Manja at blk *50, which is quite some distance away. She brought him back to *32 area 3.

I reached there only at 1am and couldn’t find him. Sylvia went looking for him at *52 while I fed Fern, Sue and Fighter. Then suddenly Manja appeared…

I noticed a wound at the neck that looked quite bad…. not a fresh wound, partly closed but with some pus…and also two small puncture wounds near his ears that have already healed. He must have been in a fight…maybe the same cat had chased him away the first time?

I brought Manja home to let him rest and recover, washing the wound several times a day and applying cream.

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