Update on Boy Boy

After talking to Dr. Au, who readily agreed to be paid in instalments, I managed to persuade Anna to go ahead with Boy Boy’s operation and trust that sponsors will come in to help with the medical expenses.

We picked up Boy Boy from the fosterer at 6pm, collected the x-ray and went to Dr. Au’s clinic.

It turned out that there was no fractured toe…. I must have heard wrongly over the phone. I guess the vet was talking about the splintered bone at the shoulder joint.

Dr Au explained that the socket needs to be smoothened before putting the joint back into place and that a blood test would have to be done before surgery. He estimated the cost of the operation to be around $400. -/ $500. – plus blood test $80.- and hospitalization charges.

So far I have already received $200. – from one sponsor and another also came forward to help with Boy Boy’s medical expenses. Thank you very much for your kindness and compassion for Boy Boy!

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