Loosing my patience…

…with Haz (the Malay Lady of *30). I have already sterilized all her cats, except one mother cat, which had disappeared. The cat later came back and gave birth to another batch of kittens. Why didn’t she tell me earlier that the cat had returned, when I meet her almost every time I feed the cats at *32? The 2 female kittens (from the earlier batch) are now about 6 months old and I agreed to get them done this month. I arranged to meet under her block at 7.30pm that day, as she couldn’t make it any earlier. I waited 15 minutes and then left without even setting up the trap. There were 7 other cats around and it would have been very difficult and time-consuming o trap the right one without some help…and she knew that I had not much time as I had to start my feeding round soon. So I went to *02 area 2 to pick up Lizzy instead.

Az later told Sylvia two different stories as to why she couldn’t make it. Anyway, she could have at least called me, then I could have gone earlier… Sylvia would have helped, too.

Hmmm, am I getting too stressed, too tired, loosing perspective… to get upset over things like that???


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2 responses to “Loosing my patience…

  1. A bodhisattva “testing” your patience :)We all went through and will go through what you are going throughThe trick…let go and do what one canAnd accept that there will ALWAYS be troubleS ahead, even long after we are gone Truly Patience is the antidote. Today I lost my cool with a colleague and raised my voice, all because I forgot Patience.Now I am filled with remorse and have to learn to let go of that (or else GUILT will be the sickness) and then practise mindfulness till monday to apologise.

  2. Hi Vegancat So I should appreciate her for giving me the opportunity to learn patience :)Loosing one’s cool occasionally is only human… and the wise ones will apologize later. Who knows, it may help that person to change…or even bring you closer.Really admire your patience…keep smiling!

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