Patches needs dental work

Patches ‘belongs’ to the owner of a little kiosk. I noticed that she was not well and ate with some difficulty, so I suggested that she may need veterinary care and also asked whether he was feeding her. “Yes, we feed her? he said, pointing at the curry puffs and tidbits, and he has no time to bring the cat to the vet.

I brought the cat to the vet today. Her mouth is a mess…blood, ulcers, tartar and rotten teeth. The vet managed to extract one loose tooth and gave her an injection and prescribed a course of antibiotics. She needs to come back to have several more teeth extracted. The owner was kind enough to take care of the medical bill ($60. -) but I doubt that he is willing to pay another $100. – plus for more extractions.

Patches is now with me. She doesn’t look so good, salivating and tongue sticking out. Didn’t even manage to give the antibiotics… will try again in the morning.

Had to release Floppy and Terry today to make space for Patches and 2 more cats. Caught one male tabby ‘Tom-Tom’ and one female tabby “Lilly?.

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