Caught in the act

Sylvia saw her neighbour abandoning his female cat at 4.30am on Friday morning. She approached him and urged him to take the cat back. Talking to his daughter was also in vain. They didn’t care about the cat’s suffering or her being caught, getting pregnant, etc. They simply didn’t want the cat anymore. Sylvia went looking for the cat at night but could not find her. She must be terrified and in hiding.

Seems they took the cat in about 2 years ago, while she was still a kitten and she had not been outside during all this time. According to another neighbour they have more than one cat… if they haven’t thrown them out yet…

Sylvia is willing to make a police report but she is afraid that they would not take it seriously. She had a bad experience recently when reporting that another neighbour had pulled out a cat’s whiskers (the whole bunch!). It seems no action was taken.

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