5 cats sterilized and 4 more to go

Have just sterilized another 5 cats, 2 of them had to be trapped. One almost escaped while trying to transfer him to the carrier.

The first 2 were Anna’s ginger boys. The shy one with the stiff knee joint was boarded at Margies while the other one stayed with me.

The next day, Thursday, it was Dusty’s turn. He was released back after just one day, as he was not happy to be confined, shredding the newspapers and making a lot of noise. So I was quite surprised that he let me stroke and carry him after being released back to his mother.

On Friday Cindy and Charlie from *30 area 3 were done. Cindy was supposed to be sterilized last Friday but then suddenly developed diarrhea. She was also pregnant, so I kept her for a week. Everything went well and she is doing fine now, but I will probably keep her with me for another week. Charlie will go back tonight and I will also try to trap another one or two cats, as I have slots on Monday and Tuesday and 2 more on Wednesday. Then on April 7th it’s Ashley’s turn, to be followed on 21st by Dawn and Sky…

Pictures: 1. Dusty and Daisy 2. Charlie 3. Cindy

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