Kitten put to sleep

My son’s friend found a little kitten who was badly injured. I guess it may have been run over by a car. I rushed there by taxi and brought the kitten to the vet. I was very touched by the kind taxi driver who refused to take payment. Luckily the vet was still open and the kitten did not have to suffer any longer. There is another kitten at that area, probably the brother. Too young and too trusting to be left out there, but I can’t take in any more and he may have a better chance there than at the SPCA. Hope my Manja will take care of him. He is a beautiful black-and-white just like Manja.

I have also brought Crystal to the vet to have her watery eye checked. Ashley is teething and swallowed one of his pre-molars. No wonder he had bad breath and bleeding gums. I am slowly introducing Ashley to Crystal and her kittens. He can learn a thing or two from the girls, like how to climb up a tree. Dawn is the expert climber while Pebble can jump very high and do a somersault in the air.

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