Crystal gave me a big scare today…

One of her eyeballs was totally covered with the white membrane (the third eyelid). There was also some swelling and tearing. I panicked, thinking that it must be some terrible injury, placed the cat in the carrier, hailed a taxi and went to the animal hospital. During the ride I noticed that a little part of her eye was now visible. By the time we reached the hospital about one half of her eye was visible and there seemed to be no injury. After waiting some time and observing her, I finally decided that it was probably not an emergency. The consultation alone would have cost $86.- and this would go up to $200.- if we needed to come back tomorrow (Chinese New Year).

So I brought her back home and bought some eye drops…

Her eye looks fine now, no more swelling or tearing… I am quite puzzled by this?

Pebbles has recovered from flu. Had to force-feed her for 6 days. 3 other cats were also sneezing but they kept eating their food and got well on their own.

Nushi is also back to normal.

“Happiness is when all the cats are well? 🙂

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