Raining Cats and Dogs

It has been raining almost non-stop for the past few days. As I was going to feed the cats yesterday night, neighbours told me about 3 large dogs. Shortly after, I saw some policemen and then the dogs. Two of the dogs were big while the third one was HUGE! Reminded me of a calf, but bigger…I have never seen a dog this tall. Anyway, I was worried about my cats who would be waiting for their food. True enough, the huge dog went after one of the cats, but he gave up the chase as the cat hid under a car. The dogs were not afraid of humans, so the policemen just kept following them and calling for back up. I am quite sure they managed to capture them, as the dogs seemed to be friendly.

When I was finally ready to go on my feeding round, it started to rain again, quickly escalating into a heavy downpour. I gave up halfway as the cats would either not be there or come running through the rain and get all wet. My poor Pebbles, who has been coughing for a few days, rushed out into the rain when she heard me. Then she sat there meowing and looking confused before hiding under a car.

I brought Nushi to the vet today, probably a urinary infection. She will have to take antibiotics for 8 days, and I am adding a little Vitamin C to her food. Later I went to pick up Pebbles. She is now happily snuggled up in a soft towel in the cage. I also started her on antibiotics and give her Nutri-plus as she is not eating.

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