Ashley..The baby of our family..

2 months ago, when we took in a mother cat (Shasha), her beautiful son was adopted by a fellow cat feeder and thus, mother & son were separated…Last month, our friend decided that the kitten was getting too big and playful so she gave him away to another friend, who owns a pet shop. Whenever we brought cats to the vet to be sterilized, we would drop by the shop to look at the kitten and to play with him. Yesterday, the owner suddenly asked us if we wanted to have the kitten..After some thought, we said yes because we wanted to reunite mother and son.. πŸ™‚ So now he’s here for good and we’re trying to get Ashley (we named him Ash because of his beautiful bluish-grey colour) and Shasha re-introduced. Things seem to be going well so far…Ashley has the same features as his mum especially the cute receding chin.. πŸ™‚ The behaviour of the 2 cats are so similar, especially their tendency to purr affectionately and bite at the same time..

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