5 more cats sterilised

Shasha was sterilised at AMK and everything went well. Her ear was not tipped because we are keeping her as an indoor cat.

Little Garfield was successfully trapped and also sterilised at AMK, using a SPCA voucher for her.

4 more cats were scheduled to be sterilised under CWS on Nov. 18. I followed the Pet Taxi to the clinic at Serangoon and had the opportunity to be present during the operations. Quite scary….the part where I had to take the cats out of their carriers and hold them down for the injections.

One of the 4 male cats is Clover. He has a broken leg. It’s an old injury, one front paw is bent back. The good news is that Clover doesn’t need to have his leg amputated. The vet said the tissue looks healthy and that in time a thick layer of skin will form for protection. He has been done and is doing well but needs a 10 day course of antibiotics and cream for his leg. Poor Clover has to stay in the pet carrier for the time being as I have run out of cages and he is the smallest of the cats. I am trying to get another second-hand cage and Anna offered to pay for it as Clover is “her cat”. I will probably have to keep him for at least 2 weeks.

The giant ginger cat “Leo” was also done and put on antibiotics. He is really huge and muscular and has very big cheeks. The Vet suspects swollen glands due to some infection or disease. His nose started bleeding during the operation but it stopped after a while and he recovered well. Leo is an older cat.

The Burmese named Chocolate was the only one without problems, but he was also the fiercest. I released him at 1 am as I had only a small pet carrier left for him and he was not happy, refusing to eat. Checked on him yesterday night and he is doing fine and eating well.

The Siamese “Shadow” is a big cat and a big headache for me. He could not be done as he had quite a bad wound at his armpit. I have no problem giving him the antibiotics mixed with food but I can’t manage to clean the wound and apply the antibiotic powder. He bites and scratches without warning. Purring one moment and then snapping at my hand. Really don’t know what to do. He also sneezes, hope he is not coming down with cat flu… Tried again today, a quick splash, dab and powder… but the aiming was a little off. Will try again tomorrow…

Crystal will be next. I have made an appointment for 2nd Dec. She is probably pregnant and will need to have an abortion.

Right now I have 9 cats in the house and may have to take in Little Garfield on Monday, so that she can rest a little longer… I prefer to keep the females in for 6 to 7 days after sterilisation.

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