Don’t try this at home…..

Last week Rocky and Baby had a big fight. It was around midnight when I heard the screaming. I panicked and ran down to scare them off. Of course this didn’t work as they are not scared of me… It looked rally bad, they had each other at the neck, so I pulled Rocky off. His fangs sliced deeply into my thumb… should have grabbed a towel or blanket to throw over them, or a bottle of water… Well, let’s hope I have learned my lesson 😉

They had another fight 3 days ago and I took Baby in to protect him and let his wound heal.. released him today. Rocky seems to be the aggressor. He has a wound at the neck and another one at the base of the tail. I apply antibiotic powder once a day and its healing nicely.

All this is actually my fault. I started to feed Rocky at my door to keep him safe and away from the cars (he was accused of scratching cars). Now I don’t know how to solve this problem. Rocky spends all day sleeping in front of my door although we try to ignore him and only feed him at night at the next block. How do I get him to stay there and stop fighting with Baby?


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2 responses to “Don’t try this at home…..

  1. cats can’t scratch cars can they?

  2. I am not sure, may be possible under certain conditions… Anyway, how can we proof that the scratches were not from a cat when the car owner wants to stay anonymous? So we just keep his nails trimmed…

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