Virus “Mixing Bowl”

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that cats could not play the role of “mixing bowl” for a new super virus!

I wonder what it takes before people stop eating animals…… The connection between SARS, bird flu and factory farming is so obvious. We are creating the ideal mixing bowls for the virus… but all we humans can think of is just killing more animals… Imagine that the deaths of millions of people could be prevented simply by people becoming vegetarians. A healthy and tasty solution!

Reports earlier this month that the virus had spread to pigs, with an immune system similar to humans’, turned out to be false.

Although the virus does not appear highly infectious for humans, health officials are worried that it could “mate” with a normal human flu strain to create a new highly dangerous bug against which people would have few defenses.

WHO said that unlike pigs, which can be infected at the same time with both the human and bird flu strains, cats could not play the role of “mixing-bowl” for a new super virus, such as the one that killed up to 50 million people world wide in 1918.

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