Talk with the TC…

Dawn from CWS came to talk to our Town Council last week to explain the advantages of controlling the cat population through sterilisation as opposed to culling them. The talk went well and hopefully their mindset will change…Dawn also gave me much information materials and lent me a cat trap to catch the ‘wilder’ cats to get them sterilised..

Rocky has a new wound at his tail. Wonder if caused by fighting or abuse? Heard that the owner of the scratched car demands hat TC pays for the spraying of the car. How can people be so unreasonable? I worry about Rocky… maybe the cleaners have already been instructed to catch him… He is now outside my door most of the time… I guess he misses lying on the hammock in the big cage … but can’t keep him there for ever. At least he is safer up here at the corridor and less likely to get his wound infected. I am keeping his claws trimmed so I don’t think that he will scratch cars again.

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