Nushi and Shasha…

Nushi has been getting more and more aggressive towards Shasha and chases her when Shasha makes a wrong move. I don’t think that Nushi is aggressive by nature but perhaps she is just curious and wants to follow Shasha wherever she goes. Nowadays, we keep the two cats in separate rooms at night, in hope that more personal space and freedom for each of them would help them to get along better. Shasha has become more timid ever since we brought her in. I think that it’s because she feels attacked and had become more defensive. She bites rather hard even when we stroke her gently! Nushi watches Shasha’s every move and does not even allow her to do her business in private! Nushi would be staring at Shasha intensely! However, once its time for their favourite ‘snackies’, they have no qualms sitting side by side and eating their tidbits.

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