Three more cats sterilised this month

The first one to be sterilised was Pebbles (1st photo), as she was on heat and made a lot of noise. She recovered well but we had a hard time letting her go. She is one of those very affectionate cats that are just not meant to be left out there on their own…. easy targets…. easy prey…she is also young, I think less than a year old and she is very beautiful, the photo does not do her justice. Her fur is very soft and the gray and ginger patches are of a soft light pastel shade. If I only could keep her… and Boy Boy and Rocky, Baby… but it would not be fair to Nushi, so we won’t have more than 2 cats. Nushi and Shasha still have little fights and are not playing together, as we hoped they would… but maybe they need more time to get comfortable with each other.

Next was Howie (2nd photo), Shredder’s son, and then finally I managed to catch the big bad cat that keeps mauling Billy Boy. We call him Fighter. We actually had to transport him to the clinic in the cage as we could not transfer him to the carrier. He is one fierce cat! Let’s hope he will change his ways… and Billy Boy will get a break!


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