Billy aka ‘Bad Boy’

Billy is an old fighter cat. The other feeders call him Bad Boy because he is always looking for fights. I meant to get him sterilised long ago, but he always had some sort of injuries. New ones appear even before the old ones have a chance to heal. This time he has a big wound on his front leg and is limping badly. I brought him home yesterday and we went to the vet this morning. Actually planned to bring him to the SPCA but they no longer open their clinic on weekdays, only on saturdays… and were fully booked until the 10th. This is really bad news! Many cat feeders are not well off and can’t afford to bring a sick or injured stray to a private clinic. Shouldn’t the welfare of the strays be of more concern to SPCA? The vet charged a total of $64.- today for consultation and medication, which is already after a discount in the consultation fee from $35.- to $18.-

Billy will be with me for the next 2 weeks. Poor Billy, I hate having to put him back. He lives right in front of the town council office, and a number of cats have recently ‘disappeared’ in that area. Billy is actually a good cat, and he was so brave at the vets. He is really big and tough looking and has black fur with some white patches.and lots of old scars. He doesn’t look too good now, but I hope he will pull through. If only someone would adopt him….

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