Momo, Maya, Mickey and Moby

Momo gave birth to 3 kittens when she herself was only 5 months old. I was just waiting for her to reach the age of 6 months to get her sterilised. Me and some neighbours have been feeding them, and looking after them. They did not dirty the place, nor did the feeders… But all it took was one compaint that “they were loitering outside the kindergarden” to prompt the Town Council to remove them on the eve of National Day, which means that they would be sent to AVA to have their little lives snuffed out. I took the family in and managed, with the help of CWS Bulletin Board, to find a home for 2 of the kittens. The family who adopted Maya and Mickey were very kind in choosing Mickey, as the more hendsome Moby would stand a higher chance of being adopted by someone.

Had to keep all my windows closed yesterday, and could still smell the sickening smoke….. the place was littered with food offerings (not for cats!). All this we have to tolerate but community cats get killed just because someone does not like them or is “afraid of cats” as the Property Officer pointed out. Birds and trees are also targeted by the TC. Our carpark is lined by rows of trees, or rather tree trunks with all the branches and leaves removed. What a brilliant idea to prevent the birds from dirtying the cars in our neighbourhood. Wouldn’t it be best to remove all the trees everywhere to keep the birds away? It just makes so much sense, just like the killing of neutered cats…

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  1. Moby has been adopted, too.

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